About Us

Why Tahlequah for our farm name?

Tahlequah is the capital of the Cherokee Nation in Oklahoma, where we have distant kin.

Tahlequah is also a ferry terminal here in Washington State, between Vashon Island and Tacoma, so locals are familiar with the name.

The literal meaning of the name is a bit shrouded.  The explanation we prefer, and why we named our farm, is the story of three chiefs who were supposed to meet at the present-day location of Tahlequah to decide on the site for the capital.  Only two of the three chiefs showed up for the meeting, and they decided they were enough to go ahead.  Roughly, that's what Tahlequah means - "two is enough".  There are only two of us working the farm, but..."two is enough".

FinnriverOur main crop these days consists mostly of black, red and white currants. We have a great working relationship with the folks over at Finnriver Farm and Cidery, and have proudly provided them with the fruit they needed to craft some award winning ciders and desert wines. If you?re passing through the area, stop by and tell them Cyndi sent you!