Tahlequah Farm, nestled between the Olympic Mountains to the south and the Strait of Juan de Fuca to the north, began in Cyndi’s childhood, watching her maternal grandparents’ farm wheat in western Kansas, and her paternal grandparents grow peaches in western Colorado. With a degree in Crop Science, she started to dream of her own farm.  But Life got in the way, as it does sometimes.

“Farm days” were what she called them – those days working at a lab bench as a chemist in the Upper Midwest when she daydreamed about that far-away farm. But it was more than just a daydream. It was a visceral longing.  In the late ‘80s, still searching with her husband Mike for that special place, they discovered the North Olympic Peninsula.  On her bulletin board at work she pinned photos of area farms, a Washington State ferry map and newspaper clippings of Port Townsend’s annual Farm Tour. She snuck peeks at the Hood Canal webcam when no one was looking, just to see what the weather was like out here.  It was her way of dealing with not being where her heart truly wanted to be.

And the “Farm Days” steadily turned into a “Farm Plan.” After multiple trips out to Washington State over the ensuing years, meeting wonderful farm friends, mentors,  building community and connections, and two months living on their  sailboat Avatar (in the winter),  their long-held dream finally became a reality.

Welcome to Tahlequah Farm. May we serve as an inspiration to everyone with their own dream.